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  • Personal Development: is a lifelong process that involves accessing your skills and potential, searching for in-built qualities in order to make relevant and sustainable changes both to yourself and everyone around you. It also encompasses developing oneself, skills and abilities in order to build human capital and enhance employability as well as the quality of your life. Personal development is a means to ensure you achieve your dreams and prospects. 
    • To most people, personal development is a tedious process and some get lost along the way. At Hunter Rodgers we ensure our clientele are equipped with skills and resources to foster their growth in life and develop themselves. Our company provides help as necessary for our client when the need arises.
  • Soft Skills: if there is a factor that is heavily being considered in employees today, it is how effective they can communicate their ideas, goals and plans when necessary. In the today’s world, skills or talents only make part of the equation. What completes this equation is one’s ability to communicate without friction in a manner that displays bonhomie or joviality. 
    • Hunter Rodgers is focused on hunting and honing the skills in you, to ensure you are well ready for the today’s market and challenges that follow it. If one is to be ready as an employee, soft skills are a basic requirement. 
  • Employment Readiness: Hunter Rodgers offers employment readiness programs to accelerate skills acquisition and increase efficiency for its clientele before they are recruited. Employment readiness simply means being understanding what career prospects are for you based in your skills or potential. It also involves skill enhancement and work education to enhance efficiency and output in work area. 
    • We at Hunter Rodgers help ensure you are able to handle work matters when the need arises with little to no outside help whatsoever. You will be provided with professional resources/guidance on what is obtainable in work places and educated on how to be efficient.
  • Job retention: the ability to keep a job for a certain period of time is referred to as Job retention. The longer the job retention, the better it is. An employee with a longer job retention is believed to have the necessary skills required to function properly in a work place and enhance development in that environment. This is a not so common trend in the considering the amount of recruits and withdrawal made in companies. Hunter Rodgers trains clientele and students on in-job practices, conduct and skills, providing its student with valuable resources that ensure job retention wherever they find themselves as employees.
  • Community Resources: Hunter Rodgers as an organization engages in activities which help improve the quality of life of community members. It focuses on improving the quality of life of its members by providing services within its powers and when needed. Some of these services include: Outreach Programs which help the community get in touch with the right avenue to meet their needs. Contribution to community facilities like libraries, hospitals and the like is also part of what we do. 
  • Job coaching: employees that function well in today’s job market often undergo training that sharpen their skills and make them a valuable asset in an organization or company. Our Job coaching service provides its students with on-site training as well as interpersonal skills needed to work well in job position. Our students get trained on job requirements as well as activities, rules and behaviors that are acceptable in job areas. This enhances efficiency and work retention for the employee.
  • Job Placement: among our services, we provide job placement opportunities for our students who have undergone the required training needed to appropriately function in a specific position. Our students who have successfully gone through our training/skill acquisition program are put into a specific job position that is in synchrony with their skills and potential. 
  • Job sampling: the job sampling initiative ensures that our clientele or students get first-hand experience on the reality including demands of their chosen jobs. This involves visits to work site or work environments. We understand that students are better able to connect classrooms lessons to career requirements and needs when they have a personal experience of the everyday activities in the work area. Our job sampling program also provides an avenue for students to develop communication skills with job superiors while enhancing their educational experience.
  • Life Skills: when it comes to life, one has to do what is necessary to win and succeed. Hunter Rodgers do not focus only on preparing our students for employment opportunities; we also understand that being empowered with the correct life skills empower one to succeed both in jobs as well as their life. We provide our students with training, resources and counsel that is required in making the most out of life. From basic skills to more advanced life skills to assist clients in accomplishing their goals and ambitions. Life skills program covers personal development which helps refine skills and provide room for self-development.